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Personal Sound Concepts Online Class

Some feedback from people who have taken Personal Sound Concepts:

"I used to think I knew a thing or two about sound. Mr Honig not only changed my perception of sound for my work but also helped me hear the world around me more clearly. We live in such a beautiful place, I don't want to miss any of it." - Craig C.

"Ezekiel's Personal Sound Concepts class was insightful and instructive as his weekly audio-lectures walked us through his own, personal sound revelations. While taking the course I produced a finished piece informed by the specific concepts Ezekiel discussed... and it's a piece I'm quite pleased with." - Nat H.

"The Sound Concept sessions were thoughtful and enabling in the sense that ideas that I may have dismissed or not considered in a particularly focused manner, were offered, encouraged and constructively criticised. For participants, this course offers great feedback on developing these ideas into pieces."
- Lindsay C.

This class guides you through listening to your surroundings with an ear towards producing work with the sound around you - the objects, spaces, and incidental noises of your environment. It revolves around hearing differently, editing, and approaching these types of sounds when organizing them into music, reviewing how to process and utilize them.

Read an interview about Sound Concepts at
Cyclic Defrost or a post about it on the Kompakt blog.

Some of the major themes being explored are:
listening with intent, editing, memory associations, experimenting with rhythm, constructing a personal sound world, genre, composition, finishing

The class is for artists of all kinds, as the concepts explored can be utilized towards any creative practice. The exercises in the latter half do require some basic sound production knowledge, though if you're just beginning, this class will give you a strong framework from which to develop and explore. The class is not about learning the technology of music software or a digital audio workstation, but is about ideas for using the technology, and approaching the work, differently.

One-on-One Consulting Sessions

I offer one-on-one consulting sessions - tutoring, personal workshops in music production for $75/hour.

My general perspective is geared towards simplicity and utilizing the tools at your disposal to their fullest, searching for originality and finding a place for it in an exceedingly cluttered landscape.

Some common topics include (but are not limited to):

  • reviewing current work
  • generating ideas to develop
  • how to develop a work-in-progress
  • beginning
  • finishing
  • using mistakes
  • using genre
  • finding a label vs. self-publishing
  • finding context
  • editing
  • writer's block
  • working with influences while finding one's own voice
  • searching for usable material within a field recording

All sound can be organized into music. That is the key principle from which everything progresses and the core of my approach.

If you'd like to book a session over Skype or are in the New York City area, please do get in touch.

Personal Sound Concepts Class Options

New session begins June 15 - open for signup now

I'm starting a new session of the Personal Sound Concepts online class, beginning June 15, running for 7 weeks.

The class is composed of short lecture recordings, assignments, a private group discussion forum, feedback, and a class session via Skype (dependent on people's schedules).

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Self-Contained Version

Though the class has been offered in the past on a specific timeline, with group feedback, there is also a version that is more self-contained and flexible, as I guide the process with the lessons and exercises, the structure provided by the material itself and the sequence it follows. It is based around the lessons and directions, but is handed off to you to work with, without supervision from myself, other than what is built in to the material and assignments. Once you sign up you will have full access to the class site for 6 months.

I'm cutting the cost by half for this version of the class, to $50, though there is the option to add individualized Skype sessions at any point for more feedback and closer instruction.